Clear Comfort Alingers 

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Clear Comfort 

Clear Comfort Aligners, created by an orthodontist, are completely clear and are the original clear aligner system. You may have noticed that many aligners contain visible lines which interfere with their clarity. Our state-of-the-art production process delivers completely transparent aligners.

We provide gingival coverage, unlike many other aligners which only cover teeth up to the gingival margin. Multiple published studies have shown that increased aligner coverage of the gingiva allows more control,  greater degrees of leverage, added comfort, and results.

No attachments are required – Messy attachments are not necessary because Clear Comfort Aligners have an increased surface area that covers the gingiva, You have two treatment options – Choose between our STANDARD or MAX COMFORT options. STANDARD consists of two medium-thickness aligners per step, each worn for one week. Our MAX COMFORT consists of one soft, one medium, and one hard thickness aligner per step, each worn for one week.

Patented bio-progressive aligners – Exclusive to our system, the MAX COMFORT option mimics what top orthodontists do with their brackets and wires. Start every step in a soft aligner that preps your teeth at a cellular level for the osteoclast & osteoblast process. Next, the medium aligner initiates movement with extreme efficiency. Lastly, the hard aligner completes the movement similar to a finishing wire.